Team b7g

Meet the team

The b7g team stands together.
The b7g team in all their glory.

Team b7g is a team of five Carnegie Mellon University Master’s of Human Computer Interaction students working to make financial visualizations more accessible to people with visual impairments sponsored by Bloomberg. Our team name is a numeronym: a number-based word in which the first and last letters of the word are used. The intermediary letters are counted and replaced with the number of characters. One common example in the accessibility community is #a11y (“ccessibilit” = 11 characters). "b7g" is a numeronym for Bloomberg!

From left to right

Conrad Bassett-Bouchard | UX Designer

Conrad is the youngest North American Scrabble Champion. Prior to MHCI, he memorized the dictionary, co-managed a food truck and backpacked through 20 countries and 46 states. He has a degree in cognitive psychology from UC San Diego and enjoys solving problems that don’t have an objectively correct answer.

Emily Saltz | UX Researcher

Emily studied Linguistics and Russian at UC Santa Cruz. Most recently, she was Content Strategist at Pop Up Archive. Her role encompassed UX Design, Data Analytics, and Project Management. She loves long reads and long podcast listens.

Nora Tane | Project Manager + UX Designer

Nora is from NY and is happy to return to work with Bloomberg. She has worked at startups and studied psych and bio at Washington University in St. Louis (big science nerd). She loves reading, trying new food, and enjoying theater, art, and comedy.

Clare Marie Carroll | Tech + Prototyping

Clare is a creative technologist with a passion for creating interactive, immersive experiences using emerging technologies. Before coming to CMU, Clare worked at the NYU Media Research Lab, Body Labs, and the Samsung Accelerator.

Jayanth Prathipati | Product Manager

Jayanth is a Software Developer and UX Researcher. Prior to MHCI, he worked at the Notification Systems Lab at VT and developed software at Element 84. He has a degree in Computer Science and is interested in mobile health and behavior change.